Anastasia B.

For 4 years before starting MBA full time Anastasia worked as a nurse clinician in a critical care unit in one of the busiest hospitals in Montreal. She had a very stimulating career, but did not feel challenged enough at the end, which led her to pursuing the MBA.

Having worked in a female dominated

profession she saw numerous examples

of women being very successful in

management roles. A few of them

became her role models, showing her

that women can be as good leaders and managers as men! She believes that the business world is not different and women need to be empowered!

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Shraddha Manda
VP Marketing

A computer science engineer by

background and a music enthusiast at heart, Shraddha has been a part of the technology industry as an SAP consultant for a little over 9 years prior to joining the John Molson School of Business. She has seen first-hand how technology enables 

businesses and drives them to achieve operational excellence.

Over these years she has developed a keen interest in the business side of technology and would like to transition into a career in business especially in the role of a Product manager.

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Bharti Krishna
VP Events

Bharti has always been an

academically bright student. She has an analytical and critical thinking mind which led her to graduate with an engineering degree with 

flying colours then work as Staging &

Production deployment manager for

British Petroleum. The ambition to learn

more about management strategy and

consulting led her to take up a Business

& Strategy Consultant role in her next

two jobs. Her personal and professional goals are to use strategy and management to develop sustainable profitable systems

within companies.


As VP Events for WIBC she will bring on board women leaders from various professional fields to inspire future leaders.

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Akanksha Sharma
VP Sponsorhip

Working as a marketing and business

development professional for the last 3

years, Akanksha acquired knowledge of offline, online marketing and formulated strategies for brand placements. Early in her career she worked to build marketing strategies for male dominated chemical industries and volunteered to provide Industrial safety training to onboarded freshers under the CB program of the company. These early experiences helped her become the fearless person she is today. Prior to this, she graduated with a

Chemical Engineering degree and a

master's in MBA.


Her long-standing dream

of getting global exposure has prompted

her to pursue the GDBA course at

Concordia University to complement her

professional experience and managerial


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Monika Abdelahad
Director of Philanthropy

Monika has an educational background in psychology, knowledge of 6+ languages, and several years of international experience. Professionally,  she brings 5+ years of coaching and teaching as well as 10+ years working in ecommerce and sales analytics.

 Outside of her career, she completed

over 1,400 hours of community service, learning and growing through this passion.


Her post-MBA career

objective is to gain a manager or director

role within a philanthropic organization.

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