Breakout Sessions

  • Speed Mentoring - Fast, fun, free flowing advice from seasoned professionals

    • Looking for something better than speed dating? Try speed mentoring! The purpose of the speed mentoring session is to provide you with the opportunity to receive tangible insights and advice on career management from a select panel of mentors. Overall, the objective is to enable women and men to better manage personal challenges and perceived barriers in order to achieve success.

  • How to swim with the sharks - Women in non-traditional industries

    • ​Certain fields remain dominated by men at the top. Because senior leadership tends to be largely male and there is often a stereotype of the masculine traits required to become leaders, cracking the door open in these fields has continued to be tough. Learn the challenges women typically face in a male-dominated workplace and gain some of the strategies they find helpful as they try to stay afloat—and keep swimming.

  • Taming your imposter syndrome - How to stop feeling like a fraud!

    • ​Do you question if you are worthy? Are you scared that you couldn’t possibly be qualified to fill the shoes required in your position? Sadly, it’s a fear that strikes many, especially women. Self-doubt is crippling and presents one of the greatest barriers to becoming an authentic leader. This workshop will help you reach beyond your comfort zone and explore strategies to eliminate feelings of inadequacy and achieve authenticity.​​

  • Consulting - Outlook for the industry / Putting gender on the agenda

    • Over the years, consulting has remained one of the most popular industries for business school graduates. Panelists will discuss the ins and outs of the industry as well as ways for women to navigate the career ladder in a way that sets them up for success. How do women in consulting reach the partner level? What challenges do they encounter? Why aren’t there more female partners? How do we move towards equality in number of partners?